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Obra Parque

Proceso de la obra de impearmiblización del parque en imagenes:

                                                     1ª Semana:

                                                      2ª Semana:

                                                      3ª Semana:

                                                      4ª Semana


                                                         6ª Semana

                                                          7ª Semana

1 comentario:

  1. Hola,
    Having been here since March 29th and having a birdseye view of the small pool,it's been interesting to see just how often it's been
    occupied. Granted the weather this Spring has been quite changeable, meaning days of cloud and wind didn't encourage us to use it at all.
    I speak as someone who adores an outdoor swim on a pleasant day.
    The Spanish Easter week was well attended on the good days,the English Easter week was enjoyed by an English couple and their two wee kiddies mainly, which makes me feel that Diane has the right idea as regards having the small pool open with sufficient warnings that it is an
    unattended pool and parents etc. are responsible.
    To be honest,I'd have loved to use the indoor jacuzzi, sauna etc much
    more than allowed during the cooler weather.

    Next point:
    I truly see Laguna Beach complex growing into a fantastic location.
    The more times we come, the longer our stays, the more people we meet, both Engish speaking, Spanish and other, the better it gets.
    Our concern would be more to do with who chooses the companies employed to carry
    out improvements and changes.
    The new gates.
    The one directly opposite Bloque 1 has failed to work many times, leaving it open to all and sundry through the night.
    We have watched the socorista, the handyman, the gardener all work at it and, Blas. Granted it seems to be operational a bit more now, but, it's a newly installed gate!!
    A successful repair seems to have to achieved when a 2foot ditch was dug around the "jacuzzi" pool in order to install new pipes. Thanks to our excellent gardener, he managed to returf and seed the area before the pool opened again.
    The jets seem weaker though?
    This would be hilarious if it wasn't our money being spent.
    The reformation of the children's play area...
    After many weeks, and it would take much too long to describe the antics of the so called builders, we would be delighted with an explanation as to who is carrying out the work, which will obviously be ongoing for some time yet and will they repair the damage they are doing to the lawns, trees, hedges and stone
    paths before they are paid?
    Why is a small truck driving to the concrete lorry with very samll amounts of concrete while damaging our paths and gardens when the concrete could have been pumped through a tube directly?
    BTW,I do hope the present Socorista, David, is here to stay, not only is he
    personable, is happy to warn the children of possible hazards whilst giving them
    free reign to enjoy themselves, no matter what language they speak, but, is also
    very happy to chat in English to us grownups as well.

    These are our thoughts at present,
    Don and Pam
    40 y 47


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